Thursday, August 04, 2005

Today's Word: Furuncle

A furuncle is a nasty thing!

It's a boil! An abscess!

A furuncle leeches resources from a main system, be it plant, animal, or political! It begins life as a healthy growth and at some stage, warps and mutates, sapping energy from its host.

In fact, the word furunculus in Latin means 'a petty thief'. It's a funny way of thinking about a bump on a tree, but that's just what that bump is doing! Instead of contributing to the greater-good, it sucks sap and nutrients into its core and can often warp and disfigure the tree!

There are plenty of people out there who are furuncles on society! There's something disturbing about a person who can thrive only by abusing a system. They claim to be playing fair, all the while searching for loopholes and technicalities that further their gain. Rather than helping towards growth and prosperity for everyone, they are only concerned with gathering as much money and power as possible. They're in it for themselves, and the tree that feeds them be-damned!

Often times, a furuncle will sort itself out through natural courses. A body may recognize that something is amiss, and divert resources away from the boil, allowing it to recede over time. However, if there is infection, then it may be necessary to lance or excise the entire thing! Yikes!

Whether painfully tangible and inanimate or metaphorically describing a person or entity, the furuncle is not a welcome growth!



Blogger fdfs said...

Another interesting article. From theif to boil. The general idea remaisn the same.

And in response to the comment on my blog, of course, feel free to be inspired. Words are free for everyone, after all.

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