Friday, July 29, 2005

Today's Word: Opprobrious

Today's word comes courtesy of 'Twisty Faster' of I Blame The Patriarchy, a wonderful and incredibly well-written blog about how our world has been built around a male-dominated mindset; sometimes in subtle ways, and sometimes in very overt ways! Twisty loves tacos and is an amateur entomologist! She has an unusual array of critters in her yard!

Opprobrious is a serious word! It describes an expression that is shameful and vile.

An opprobrious act is a disgrace, not only to the offending party, but to those involved, by association or insinuation.

Something that is opprobrious taints the source as much as it defiles the target. We're not talking about mere insult or abuse, no! We're talking about defamation that lacks any sort of moral sensibility. An opprobrious comment makes everyone in earshot cringe with embarrassment.

Some people are guilty of opprobrious crimes against our very culture! Politicians who claim to voice the opinions of their constituency, but who choose to profit from their position of influence, regardless of the effect those decisions make on the community they represent; those are the people responsible for the global disgrace and disdain that has grown so strong!

To call something 'opprobrious' is to take on a scornful tone and cast serious doubt on the validity and integrity of the subject.

It's not a light word used in annoyance, but rather a caustic and intense word, reserved for the highest disregard!

Twisty very accurately uses the word in her analysis of a popular magazine supposedly geared towards empowerment, but which in reality only serves to further justify and reinforce the stereotypes and patterns it derides!

Thank you Twisty for keeping language alive and passionate!



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