Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Today's Word: Discursive

Today's word is one that I am often accused of embodying!

Be careful what you implicate!

You might be right!

'Discursive' is an adjective describing someone who leaps from topic to topic, stringing seemingly disjointed ideas together with reckless abandon! The term can be used in a derogatory manner to mean one who rambles and constantly digresses on minor points of interest. It seems, superficially, to indicate a lack of focus!

Discursive comes from the Latin discurre, a word meaning "to run in different directions".

Despite the flighty overtones, discursive has an upside! It also means someone who is analytical...someone who breaks down meaning and leaves no stone unturned in the search for meaning and truth! It is the opposite of intuitive! The discursive person is a true scientist, leaving nothing to faith or instinct and relying on the Scientific Method to provide a solid and broad base of understanding of the world. The discursive is an explorer - eager to fail and try again, prepared to retrace steps, and never willing to admit defeat in the face of complexity! The discursive brings to mind the old adage, "If at first you don't succeed, try - try again."

It may seem that my word definitions stray from course from time to time. If so, I make no apologies! Each word has so much potential! Even the small and simple words have the ability to open new ways of thinking!

So, maybe I am a tad discursive! Good! It makes life more interesting!



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