Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Today's Word: Potulent

Whew! It's late! To my East Coast readers, I apologize!

Today's word is potulent, it's a good word indeed!

Yes, potulent is a state of Being, one that many of us aspire to; but few of us can maintain. It's a subtle, transitory stage that is as seductive and dangerous as it is delightful.

Nirvana? NO!

Enlightement? Perhaps to some degree.

The state of potulence is not for the teetotler or the abstainer. It is a condition of eminent-intoxication. It's that glorious moment between the third and the fourth glass of sherry. It's the feeling of anticipation just prior to a kiss. It is tipsy, it is the giddy potential of more.

Yes, potulence is an requires more than meditation and more than a little restraint. It draws its heritage from the lovely French term potable, which means "safe to drink". (You will often see fountains in France with little placards indicating the water's potability.)

The state of potulence is nebulous, by the time you're sure that you're there, you're usually already well on your way to decidedly past it. But you can't achieve its mysteries through inaction or fear. No, you must pursue potulence if you hope to experience it.

In the end, potulence may be an illusion...a trick that leads us into indulgence...but ah, what a fine illusion it is.



Blogger Mojo said...

Clementine spent hours working her way to the front of the crowd, fighting reporters and sluts,until she was up against the blockade, right next to the red carpet. Here the flashbulbs created a strobe effect, reminescent of the dance clubs she saw on MTV. Just as she had this thought she saw it; the Limo pulled up to the curb. As the door cracked open and she strained against the surging crowd to catch the first glimpse of Justin, she experienced a potulent light headedness. Years later, she would look back on that moment as one of the happiest in her life.

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