Friday, July 01, 2005

Today's Word: Nidifugous

All of you eager adventurers, take note!

Nidifugous is a word that is about wanderlust and that bold passion of youth! Island fever strikes us all, whether your island is a suburb in Detroit or a blip on the radar of an approaching submarine, the confines of comfort and familiarity eventually grow too tight, and the brave among us find ways to strike out and find new ground.

Typically, the term nidifugous is used when discusing our avian friends, as some birds are notorious for flitting away from their nest at first opportunity.

But as with all things that are hallmarks of bravery; nidifugousness can backfire on the ill-prepared. The antsiness of youth can encourage rash decisions that feel well thought out and responsible. Many a first-flight has resulted in a bruised-ego and sometimes worse.

So, all of you would-be explorers, tread lightly, measure twice, and enjoy the rush as you venture forth into new and unclaimed skies!



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