Sunday, June 26, 2005

Today's Word: Confuter


A Confuter is not, as one would think, a confusing computer, no!

A confuter is the cleverest kind of conversationalist. Confuters argue by way of disproof. They hold truth and accuracy in the highest regard. They refuse to allow fiction or fog to pass as fact, and are people who politicians should rightly fear!

We all argue with each other. But a confuter has a special style of debate. A confuter will use your words against you to undermine your credibility. Rather than pushing his own dogma, a confuter stays his course by disproving your own assertions - fundamentalists BEWARE!

These plucky people aren't trying to convert! They're trying to correct them! They use logic and relentless truth to beat down the wolves of misdirection.

Are you a confuter? Watch out!



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