Saturday, June 25, 2005

Today's Word: Stean

This one is important!

Ostensibly, a stean is a simple vessle, made from clay. But that's not all! No! a stean is meant to be a lining, a fortification, a protective barrier - and as we know, barriers have one of two purposes, to keep things in and to keep things out.

Steaning has since taken on the connotation of coating or protecting the inner walls of a well. It's not just an, it's a PROCESS. And in this new light, steaning isn't just about protecting or supporting, it's about adorning. The trick though, is that steaning is all about the INNER surface, not the exterior.

If you think this is all irrelevant, think again!

We are all but simple clay vessels...and if we want to stay sane in this world, we need to stean our spirits against the influences of an angry world. Let's face it, we're all doing our best to thrive and nourish our lives...but sometimes, outside influences will poison us and bring us down! Well, with a little work, you can not only fortify yourself against the tide - you can BEAUTIFY it, if only for your own personal satisfaction.

That my friends is why steaning is so important...its a process of building walls to support us and protect us...beautiful walls that no one else can see.



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