Saturday, July 09, 2005

Today's Word: Peccadillo

Oh! The mighty peccadillo!

It's not a tiny armored mammal, no! It's not tex-mex either! No, the peccadillo is that tiny little quirk that makes you uniquely you. A peccadillo is a small sin, a slight imperfection of character.

Peccadilloes are no big deal...they're proof that you're human...minor foibles and slight personality flaws. I've got them, and so do you.

Thank goodness!

That's right folks, it's hard to understand, in our stodgy world of black and white, right and wrong...but one great secret is hidden away in the peccadillo.

In our ever-vigilant pursuit of's the tiny flaws that make the world such a wonderful place. It's the imperfections...the little distortions from the mainstream that draw out the genius and complexity of life.

I'll give you an example. Take a pearl. A pearl in itself is a peccadillo. A perfect oyster doesn't make pearls. It takes a small irritation - a grain of sand - to start the process. Over time, the oyster's natural defenses build up layers and layers of shell around the grain of sand and before you know it, instead of an appetizer, you have a rare and breathtaking jewel.

Now look at that pearl...if the surface of that pearl is perfectly smooth and round, it won't look like much. The sheen will be uniform and bland...but if some flaw slips in and causes the pearl to distort or be slightly less than a perfect! Light diffracts, colors burst forth, and what was once white and unremarkable is an opalescent sight to behold.

So, take the time to acknowledge your own personal peccadilloes. You're not perfect, and the world would be a less brilliant place if you were.



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