Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Today's Word: Bibulous

Well my friends, today, I give you an interesting one!

'Bibulous' is a simple and descriptive term for the vast majority of our culture!

Some say that our bibulous behavior is what's wrong with America, while others argue that it's our right and our privilege! Some extremists would even consider it their duty to encourage bibulousness - they wear t-shirts praising it, and encourage their friends to join them!

Yes, there's a good chance that, unless you're Muslim, you're bibulous at least once a week!

But don't look down on Muslims for their traditions! Many Christians try their hardest to avoid being looked at as overly bibulous! They hide it from their friends!

If you're among those who tries to conceal your bibulousness, do yourself and your loved-ones a favor: get help!

Something that is bibulous is prone to absorbing vast quantities of liquid; primarily alcohol! Muslims don't drink alcohol! That's right, bibulous means to consume liquor!

What did you think I meant?

Bibulous is derived from the Latin biber, meaning 'to drink', where the word 'Bible' is derived from the Greek term for book, biblion.

See what happens when you miscommunicate? Two languages with very similar words that have two very different implications!

That's why it's so important to understand our language, particularly when translating or communicating with a foreign language speaker.

I wonder how many wars could have been averted through accurate communication? It's certain that not all wars are unavoidable! But perhaps the sentiment that builds up to conflict would be diffused if we only had clearer means of exchanging ideas. In the very least, it would be nice to know that we're fighting each other for a real and tangible reason, and not just out of simple and shameful ignorance.

Of course, bibulous behavior goes far past the odd glass of port on a chilly winter evening! Bibulousness describes the careening misadventure brought on by mild - but not severe - over indulgence.

I hope you're all enjoying your week!



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