Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Today's Word: Numinous

Numinous is a neat word!

It comes from the Latin word 'numen' meaning "nod of the head". The Latin term indicated a physical gesture, meant as an order! The idea that the term evoked command and authority eventually led to its use to refer to things of a higher order - specifically deities.

In Ancient Rome, a 'numen' was a god that presided over an object or place!

The meaning stuck, and today, something that is numinous is something that inspires awe and spiritual reverence. It can be that breathless moment when the sun dips below the horizon, the carefree giggle of a child, or the deep understanding that we, as individuals, are but fleeting specks on the fabric of existence!

Even though the religions that spoke of numens are long faded in our memories, the word holds power still. In fact, it may hold more power now because it is applicable in any moment of divine pause, regardless of faith or creed!



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